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29 Dec

Sustainability is the Future: Brand Focus on Sustainable Packaging

The world is facing with Covid-19 but eco-friendly trend is still a hot topic. It has been reported that in Bangkok, there is 3,440 tons per day of plastic waste from a total of 9,370 tons per day of waste accumulated in April 2020 which is higher than last year in 2019 from 2,120 tons per day at 1,320 tons per day or around 62% increase. It proves that Covid-19 makes more plastic waste than normal which might come from lock down policy, more online shopping and food delivery.1 As a result, individuals and organizations have continually joined forces to solve the plastic waste issues. Same as those brands, shops and restaurants that has changed how they operate in response for more sustainability.

Recently, BlueCup Coffee, in S&P Restaurants and Bakery Shops with more than 270 branches in Thailand has started using BioPBS coated paper cup switching from their previous Polyethylene (PE) coated paper cup which is a petroleum-based plastic and usually end up in landfills and last in our ecosystem for a hundred years. This is a reason for a change to BioPBS which is renewable-based, compostable and even recyclable for the paper from paper cup. Not only the cup, S&P has also moved away from plastic straw to paper straw with an effort to reduce the plastic waste aimed for better environment.


Compostable paper cup from BlueCup Coffee

Another great idea sharing by S&P is that their small sugar sachet distributing to the customers at the counter as a complimentary which previously was made from plastic coated paper has also changed to be BioPBS coated paper sachet. The coating inside the sachet is necessary to keep the sugar fresh, prolong its shelf life and made it able to seal. With the change to BioPBS coating would give the same benefit as those cups and showing strong intention of the brand like ‘S&P’ in really-taking care of the nature and the consumers.

Compostable sugar sachet and paper straw in S&P Outlets

With an effort in changing for something more environmentally friendly is one of the sustainability ways of life. Not only rely on those brand owners but also each and everyone as a consumer need to pay attention on waste management. Using eco-friendly packaging will not help if we are all not working together to change for the present, better future and our green planet.

Resource: https://www.thairath.co.th/news/local/bangkok/1854356

About S&P: https://snp1344.com/en/home


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