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21 Apr

Bubble Tea on the Rise! Now Served Sustainably with the First-Ever BioPBS™ Coated Paper Straw

Coffee and tea are common beverage products for people nowadays. However, a new tea-based drink called bubble tea has become a phenomenon from its popularity in recent years across the globe, especially in Southeast Asia.

In a recent published article from one of the food delivery service of the Southeast Asian ride-hailing company, highlighted Southeast Asia's growing obsession with the drink. Bubble tea orders on their online platform has seen a constant and dramatic increase with a regional average growth rate of 3,000% in the year of 2018! With this increasing consumer demand, they have around 4,000 bubble tea outlets in their networks of over 1,500 brands – a 200% growth in bubble tea outlets in Southeast Asia.

Their data also shows that Southeast Asians drink an average of four cups of bubble tea per person per month. Thai consumers leads the pack by consuming about six cups of bubble tea per person per month following closely by Philippines at average of 5 cups per person per month.

From this high consumption of tasty bubble tea cup leads to the tremendous amount used of packaging item – one of the most significant piece that comes together is ‘straw’. If you look closely, the bubble tea straw will always have a bigger size than those of regular straw. This is due to its role in taking the sip of tea together with the bubble for the most pleasurable moment of this famous drink. The special size straw normally made with plastic similar to general size one in the market. However, Soilable® has made it possible with the very first paper straw coated with BioPBS™ aimed in helping plastic waste reduction and go sustainably.

Soilable® paper straw coated with BioPBS™ promotes compostability & recyclability function as its end-of-life option. BioPBS™ with the grade that works as a coating material is partially made from renewable resources and certified industrial compostable by TUV and BPI according to EN13432 standard. Also the straw itself can be recycled and re-pulped to get the paper pulp back.

Unlike any other common paper straw, with the great partnership and state-of-art technology by Soilable® has brought together for the first-ever paper straw coated with BioPBS™ having perfect sturdiness, no soggy (mushy) lips touch, prolonging usage durability. It also use 20-30% less paper than common paper straws of similar size (7mm) and made from bamboo pulp paper – which is a sustainable alternative to wood pulp paper as bamboo has shorter growth cycle, require less water during cultivation and prevent deforestation from cutting down non-commercial trees.

Soilable® paper straw with the product tag ‘bio Compostable’ comes with three standard sizes; Standard Straw (7mm), Bubble-Tea Straw (10mm) and Stirrer Straw (2mm). For more information, please visit https://www.soilable.com.








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