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09 Sep

PTTMCC Webinar : Accelerating Sustainable Innovation in Nonwoven with BioPBS

Today paper-based packaging has gained popularity for being better for the environment, as consumers become increasingly conscious of their packaging choices supporting sustainability solution. Over three quarters of Americans or around 78% wish more brands and retailers used paper packaging instead of plastic packaging similar to those in EU where 63% of consumers prefer paper and cardboard packaging for being better for the environment.


Nonwovens industry have been shifting their focus around sustainability. EDANA defines sustainable development, or sustainability, as the reconciliation of economic growth with environmental protection and social responsibility, globally. Many approaches have been developed starting from raw material source, manufacturing process till the end-of-life to cover this sustainable aspect. With excessive demand from nonwoven product globally especially from healthcare & hygiene sectors recently, it is becoming vital for all value chains in nonwoven industry to observe the trends and adapt their strategies following rising changes.  


BioPBS™ is one of the solutions offered in fiber and nonwoven market as an excellent approach towards sustainability contributing a renewable resource and industrial compostable solution at the end-of-life for product manufacturers, retailers, brand owners and consumers.


This technical webinar highlights BioPBS™ technology in fiber and nonwoven application demonstrating the properties, characteristic overview, processing condition and accreditation test in compostability.


Speaker Profile

  • Abeedin received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in Malaysia in 2012 and having more than 8 years working experience in polymer & petrochemicals industry. Currently, he is working at PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited managing the business development and marketing activities of BioPBS™, which is manufactured as the first bio-based polybutylene succinate. PTTMCC has a passion to bring sustainable material solutions to the plastics packaging industry with BioPBS™ that is a partially bio-based polyester certified industrial and home compostable.
  • Sunisa has completed her Master’s degree of Polymer Science from Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn University. She has 15 years working experience in plastic industry for product and application development and currently working at PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited as a Senior Technical Service Engineer. She is handling product and application development for PTTMCC strategic applications: paper coating, flexible packaging, compounding and fiber and nonwoven.


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