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Technical Services Engineer

1. Job Propose:

Ensure technical presentation of BioPBS for customer’s trial on commercialization, as well as ensure product documents in compliance with related standards.

2. Principal Accountabilities :

1. Introduce technical information of BioPBS for customers to understand the benefits of BioPBS for their products and sustainability goal to gain interests for co-development and trials.

2. Identify opportunities for new product development/improvement and application development according to market needs and company strategies.

3. Collaborate with customers and third parties for product development.

4. Support customers trials and troubleshoot for the success commercialization.

5. Ensure that customers’ inquiries and complaints are properly handled and delivered in appropriate timeline for the best customer satisfaction.

6. Assess the compliance and validity of BioPBS in chemical inventories, food contact and related certificates in target countries to ensure smooth sales operation.

7. Prepare technical documents of BioPBS products such as SDS, TDS, etc.

8. Monitor the work procedures with division to ensure the compliance with international standards, i.e., ISO 9001, GMP.

9. Safety and Quality System - Implement and maintain safety and quality system such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEMS, etc. to achieve targeted standards and objectives.

10. Risk Management - Ensure that PTTMCC are in compliance with risk management plan/ activities to be in accordance with policy, standard, and related regulatory.

11. Adhere to all company policies, regulations, orders, manuals, procedures, and business code of conducts and ensure that they are fully implemented within job function.

12. Perform other tasks as assigned


3. Job Specification :

• Bachelors or master’s degree of Science / Engineering / Plastics Engineering, polymer processing related field.

1) Polymer characteristic and processing

2) Proficient English communication skill

3) MS office skill

Attribute/ Soft Skill – Functional

1) Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving

2) Communication

3) Positive mindset

3) Conceptual thinking

4) Proactiveness


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