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Mechanical Engineer


General Qualification :

Formal Education :

Working Experience :

Other Requirement :

Principal Accountabilities : 

  1. Set up, control and monitoring the plan of preventive maintenance for the plant to achieve the highest plant reliability.
  2. Supervise and lead mechanical team to execute preventive and corrective maintenance of Machinery, equipment and piping system.
  3. Coordinate among vender, contractor and maintenance team of PBS Plant.
  4. Supervise the installation of additional and/or modification all mechanical and/or piping system in the plant.
  5. Assist planning for maintaining machinery, mechanical and piping system for the highest safety, environmental friendly and to be as standard (ASME, API, MEC, IEC, NEPA, ISO).
  6. Supervise the procurement of machinery, components, spare parts, etc. for highest value.
  7. Develop reliability and performance improvement for Machinery and others equipment.
  8. Plan, analyze, inspect, and assist to set up the startup procedure and shutdown activity.
  9. Maintain all Mechanical engineering drawings and documents to be up to date.
  10. Study for plant modification and expansion that related to mechanical aspect.
  11. Assignments related to its function by superior.
  12. Adhere to all company policies, regulations, orders, manuals, procedures, and business code of conducts and ensure that they are fully implemented within job function.

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