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Human Resources Officer

Main Purpose of the Position :

Responsible for Overall job activity related to Human Resources Development

Command Line :

Report to : Human Resources Division Manager

Principal Accountabilities : 

  1. Set up and implement Human Resources Development for company to prepare and enhance general and functional skill of all staffs
  2. Analyst data in term of dynamic improvement and development base on Company business strategy
  3. Response for overall process in term of HRD includes monthly report submit to Quality Management System (QMS) and KPI
  4. Coordinates and encourage each Division to set up Skill Matrix, IDP, OJT and all concerned to prepare and enhance staff’s skill and connect to the Quality Management System- QMS (ISO9001, ISO9001 and related)
  5. Review and improve Training Roadmap, Training Program, Training Survey, Training need concerned to law and regulations and all training basis and advance for Company Business
  6. Analyst data in term of dynamic improvement base on Company business strategy
  7. Support data/distribute documents about the Training for year-end evaluation and report for concerned submission
  8. Being owner for all Company training arrangement; Public training, In-house Training, Knowledge Sharing and Management
  9. Efficiency monitoring Training documents, History and record related to QMS and law
  10. Being coordinator with MCC , MCPP-F , MCPP-US in term of HRD subject (if any)
  11. Conduct all company activity to engage staff’s well-being and retention
  12. Adhere to all company policies, regulations, orders, manuals, procedures, and business code of conducts and ensure that they are fully implemented within job function.


Formal Education :

Working Experience : 

Other requirement : 

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