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Human Resources Division Manager

Main Purpose of the Position:

Responsible for Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development

Command Line:

Report to : Corporate Services Vice President.

Principal Accountabilities: 

  1. Responsible for HR Strategy & Policy
  2. Overall monitoring Recruitment and Selection Process
  3. Set up & control Human Resource Management system.
  4. Set up & control Human Resource Development system.
  5. Responsible for Labor Relations issue
  6. Handling on company Compensation & Benefits
  7. Office Management
  8. Responsible for General Procurement in term of HR and employees’ welfare and benefits
  9. Expatriate management / Joint venture agreement
  10. Knowledge Management/TQA
  11. Organization Development
  12. Corporate Culture Development
  13. International Recruitment, set up and implement, international work process
  14. Culture Build up and Talent Management
  15. Adhere to all company policies, regulations, orders, manuals, procedures, and business code of conducts and ensure that they are fully implemented within job function.


Formal Education :

Working Experience :

Competency : 

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