Plastics Beyond Petroleum, June 25-27, 2019 | Newark NJ, USA

31 Jan 2019


WELCOME to Innoplast Solutions 27th conference; 9th on Re-Invention of Plastics!

A spirit of innovation in the field of chemicals/polymers is brewing; a phenomenon we have not seen in the chemical industry since the 1960’s. Driven by consumer awareness, BRAND-OWNERS are pushing the manufacturers to respond with technology that takes Sustainability & Environmental impact to new heights. 

  • Use of Renewable/Bio-Sourced raw-materials (vs petroleum) addresses Sustainability/Global Warming; invention of “New Plastics from Newer Building Blocks” being an added benefit while maintaining the production of traditional polymers & plastics
  • Use of Polymer & Plastic Waste (vs petroleum) addresses “Sustainability/Global Warming”
  • Conversion of GreenHouse Gases (CO2/CH4) into building blocks for polymers has a Compounded Impact on “Sustainability/Global Warming” 

ReShaping of Polymers/Plastics industry has already begun; join us to witness the future!!!


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