Single Serve Capsules 2017, 4-5 October 2017 Sofitel Kurfürstendamm Hotel, Berlin, Germany

13 Jul 2017


Single-Serve Capsules 2017 provides a unique forum to debate and evaluate the trends, innovations, challenges and opportunities facing the industry through the entire value chain of plastic and metal capsules. This includes capsule fillers, coffee roasters, capsule moulders, material suppliers, technology and machinery suppliers. In addition to a packed programme of expert presentations, the forum provides numerous opportunities to network with key industry stakeholders.

With the growing number of capsules in landfills, the industry is under pressure from environmentalists as well as more conscientious consumers. There is an urgent need to review the materials used for capsules conversion in search of more sustainable options, as well as to explore end-of-life solutions.

We, PTTMCC decided to be speaker at Single-Serve Capsules 2017 to show how good processability and properties of BioPBS can help converter and environment to be a better place.