BioPBS™ - Flexible Packaging




Flexible packaging typically comprises of dry lamination of many layers together. Each layer is selected for its own role
such as protection, barrier, sealing, etc. With excellent sealing performance compared to other bioplastics, BioPBS™ FD92 is
the ideal compostable sealant for environmentally friendly packages.



FD92PM Data sheet

FZ91PM Data sheet


Grade : FD92PB


  • Excellent heat-sealability with low heat seal temperature
  • Less OTR, COTR, NTR than LDPE
  • Good to retain aroma such as limonene
  • Comply with EU10/2011
  • Suitable for food contact such as weak acidic, fatty and oily food
  • As sealant this can be used by coextrusion or dry lamination

Environmentally friendly

  • By simply lining BioPBS™ as one of the sealant
    layer, allows you to positioning yourself ahead of