Major Cineplex

435 movie screens branching across the country with its 61 locations, Major Cineplex is the largest operator of movie theaters in Thailand.

PTT and Major Group have started collaboration to develop a popcorn bucket, aiming to provide alternative environmental friendly packaging to consumers.

Major Cineplex has changed popcorn paper bucket, coated with PBS compostable plastics since last June 2013, starting with a number of Major Cineplex branches in Bangkok area. The new environmentally popcorn bucket, “Friendly Pop” has been introduced to Major Cineplex customers as the first compostable popcorn bucket in the world. Friendly Pop is environmental friendly, compostable under normal landfilled condition after used.

Wherever Major Cineplex takes its strategic expansion, rest assure that the group’s priority for environmental concern will be welcomed by the market with open arms.


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