BioPBS™ Compound - Injection Molding



FD72PM Data sheet

FZ71PM Data sheet


Easy Implementation

  • Soft and flexible, good impact property
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good flow ability and easy ejection of parts from mold
  • Shorter cycle time compared to typical bioplastic
  • Superior heat resistance compared to other bioplastics
  • When compounding with other bioplastics, BioPBS™ can enhance their mechanical properties such as impact
    strength and bring in higher service temperature.
  • FZ grades are listed in U.S.FCN No.1574, comply with OM-6 in EU 10/2011 and JHOSPA. FD grade comply with OM-3 in EU10/2011.

Environmentally friendly

  • Enhance compostability of other bioplastics while performance still exists.