of Green Innovations

Our commitment is to drive the green industry forward on a global scale. With our determination to give the world a sustainable future through easily adopted bio-chemical innovations, our corporation and success are measured by your success.
PTTMCC is a strategic joint venture between PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC). The PTTMCC team is a passionate corporation between two globally reputable driving forces in the field of energy and petrochemical.
Spearheading by a team of enthusiastic veterans in the field, each step we take is made firm with innovative patents of cutting-edge biochemical technology. PTTMCC is determined to become the global representative of compostable bioplastic material with fast tracking solution for customers to enjoy our vast possibilities in applications.
PTTMCC takes pleasure in synergizing advantageous green attributes into your products. Our success lies in your success of having a sustainable business with sustainable products.


Creating Core Competency Through Innovations of Green Possibilities

Each step we have taken to move forward is made up of success stories in overcoming new challenges in the field of bioplastic industries.

We work tirelessly to become the backbone of the bioplastic industry so your product can give the world a better future. Our product and service are the essential ingredient in providing green living towards a greener tomorrow.

The Business of Changing The World

We have a vision to lead the innovation

in biochemical technology and drive the green industry forward on a global scale. With our unparalleled eco-friendly applications, we will pave a path to complete sustainability for the world.

Our product goal is to achieve 100% bio based polymer in the near future. We will continue to lead and set new standards for the green plastic industry.